Save earth poster images with slogan and drawings

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The value of the earth can only understand by a human when they are in trouble by natural disasters like storms, Sunami, Heavy rains. But they do not understand the reason behind that.I tell you the reason why such disaster come on earth in time to time.The regularly increase in global warming is the only reason of happening unwanted situation on earth.The tree cutting and increase of automobile and industry destroy earth nature and make it hell.

I hope you will understand the value of earth nature and spread the word in your world.Earth take care of a human being so why human being doesn’t care for the earth.The value of the tree is more than human life.We should make a motto in life to plant a lot of tree near to our house and save the environment.The logical fundamental can save us from natural disaster.Nowadays you can see the fire in the forest and other unwanted thing happened in every country.

How can you SAVE the earth?

To save earth you can start a movement in your street and make a team of people who have curiosity to save tree or plant tree.Now you can visit your city on Sunday with the team and make a judgment where you can plant a tree or where you can save a tree.For such task do not wait for government orders or anything else.You can also take help from NGO.This kind of work already started in the world.

Save earth Posters for your Movements

These are the posters with the slogan and poster drawing.The school child can make it for you.You can give them these save earth poster design and they will make it for you.

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