Earth Day Slogans that Rhyme

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This is always in mind of every people that the quotes or slogans line we choose should have some rhyme. This means that slogans that make some sense. We collect some of the slogans that rhyme for earth day. You can choose these earth day slogans for your own use and share to all over the world. We have more than 100s of quotes and slogans for your use. Here are the best quotes and images for the earth day so pick images from here and share on Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter social networks.

The world earth day slogans for all of the people who want to celebrate this day with most happiness together with other people.You choose these earth day slogans for your poster, banners or any solution you want to do on earth day.



World Earth day Slogans in English 

Earth day Rhyming Slogans

Being earth lover is awesome
Caring the earth is mind-blowing
Love earth, go green and stay clean
Earth is the only livable planet so just care it
Treat the Earth as you first love
Let’s go green to get our earth clean
Save the earth to save your future generations
Your good luck lies in a safe planet

Snows are melting,
One day it will sink the land.
Forest cover is reducing,
One day it will disappear fast.
These are precious, preserve them fast.

The Earth is my home,
I promise to keep it safe and beautiful.
I will take care of its components,
Land, air, water and all the living creatures.
They will unitedly defend our Earth.

Our Earth is special and unique,
Provides us water, soil and sun.
Every creature lives here,
Let us make it more beautiful and greenery,
By planting many trees.
Let’s make Earth a better home for us,
By recycling the goods, and saving the resources.
The real meaning of Earth day makes this a habit every day.

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Water is essential,
It carries our goods and trade, helps in manufacturing items, and essential for our forest.
It is a treat, don’t take it for granted, don’t waste water.

Forests are where animals can breed!
But trees are all gone because of greed.
There must be something we can still do!
But do you still care about the things around you?

What a wonderful view to see
The flowers and the trees in tranquillity
The people and animals strive for richness
For peace, mans’ natures’ unity
All united for every body’s equity.

A creation of such wonder and beauty
the birds’ one and only reserve
a product of God’s power of infinity
there’s no other majestic than a tree.


Rhyming Slogans for Earth day 2018

Don’t think just love the earth
Be a caring person and save the planet earth
Neither Mars nor Neptune, just planet Earth
No more earth pledges; just do it

Save Trees!!
They provide oxygen to us for breathing, and take carbon dioxide.
Save Trees!!
They are our best friends and our only source of survival.
Save Trees!!
They check soil erosion and maintain its fertility.
Save Trees!!
They helps to control drought and flood,
And adds natural beauty in our Earth.

So many pollutions, loss of biodiversity, not enough clean fresh water, soil contamination, deforestation, global warming are just some of the Environmental issues we are facing today. We all can make some changes in our daily lives to live in a greener, more sustainable way. Let’s spread the word to Go Green!

The Earth is our home,
So green and fresh.
So, let us be responsible,
To keep the Earth clean.

The day of realization will come soon if humans do not mend their ways soon.
A time will come when the last tree has been cut down, last fish has been caught, and the last fish has been caught. Then you will realize that we cannot eat money.

These are the best slogans to use on earth day 2018.You may use an image with these slogans. Use any online tools for writing these slogans on any image. Pick any image from this site and upload there and just copy paste these quotes or slogans line over there.

Happy earth day 2018. Keep planting tree and save earth from the pollution and global warming. If you start, everyone will join you.

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