Earth day 2019 Quiz questions and answers

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here We Have 15 Earth Day Quiz Questions and Answers. you can take a took on these. These are general Knowledge questions and you use it as School Homework for Kids.

Each Question have Answer Just Below the Every Question.

Earth day 2019 Quiz questions and answers

1. On what date is Earth Day celebrated?

a. March 15
b. April 22
c. February 27
d. May 4
April 22 – Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries around the world.


2. Who wrote the environmental thought-provoking book entitled, Silent Spring?
a. Dee Brown
b. Pierre Burton
c. John Grisholm
d. Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson – This book sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. This book raised people’s awareness about the planet and the Environment.

3. Who is considered the founder of Earth Day?

a. Gaylord Nelson
b. Gerald Ford
c. Margret Thatcher
d. George W. Bush

Gaylord Nelson – When he began this project, he was the Senator from Wisconsin.

4. What disaster lead to the founding of Earth Day?

a. Extinction of American mega fauna
b. An oil spill off the coast of California
c. The Chernobyl disaster
d. An oil spill off the coast of Africa
An oil spill off the coast of California – Underwater drilling caused the disaster when more than 200,000 gallons of crude oil created an 800-mile oil slick off the coast.

5. The Canopy project is one of Earth Day’s largest efforts. What is the goal?

a. Planting a million trees
b. Cleaning along the highways
c. Recycling a million pounds of paper
d. Collecting a million plastic bottles
Planting a million trees – The project is geared to planting in areas where reforestation is urgent. These regions include Brazil, Mexico, Haiti and urban areas throughout the States.

6. What is the correct term for solar power, which is turned into heat?

a. Solar jewel
b. Solar generator
c. Solar thermal
d. Solar kilowatts

Solar thermal – Solar thermal power is often used to keep swimming pools warm.

7. In the fifties, the US government started using solar cells to power what kind of devices?

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a. Cars
b. Radios
c. Satellites
d. Telephones
8. If you live north of the equator, in which direction would you point your solar panels to get the best result?
a. East
b. North
c. West
d. South

South – If you lived south of the equator, you would point the panels north. Companies often place tracking devices on their panels to have them aligned with the sun’s movement.

9. As of 2012, which of these nations has the largest amount of solar power?

a. Finland
b. New Zealand
c. Japan
d. Spain
Spain – Spain and Germany are among the world leaders in installed solar power.

10. Which country produces the most solar panels?

a. Germany
b. South Korea
c. France
d. China

China – China manufactures over 50 percent of the world’s solar cells and panels.

11. The United States uses most of its household energy every year to power what?

a. Heat and cool the house
b. TVs, computers and phones
c. Lights
d. Heat water

Lights – Most homes in the United States use fossil fuels for heating.

12. Which of the following fuels provides the most energy in the United States?

a. Petroleum
b. Geo-thermal
c. Wind
d. Solar
Petroleum – Petroleum is a fossil fuel. It is made into gasoline and diesel fuel.

13. Which of these is true about fossil fuels?

a. They are renewable.
b. Created from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago.
c. They are harvested from plants.
d. They do not cause pollution.
Created from the remains of plants and animals that died millions of years ago. – Coal, natural gas and petroleum are all types of fossil fuels.

14. The ancient Greeks and Romans harnessed hydropower to do what?

a. Power their chariots
b. Grind corn
c. Dry their clothes
d. Heat their homes
Grind corn – They built mills, which would turn and grind the corn.

15. Dams are often built to produce hydropower. Which dam produces the most power in the world?

a. Three Gorges in China
b. Ust Limskaya in Russia
c. Churchill Falls in Canada
d. Grand Coulee in the United States
Three Gorges in China – This dam was completed in 2011. The dam is capable of producing 22,500 MW of power. (MW = Mega Watt)
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