11 Best Earth Day Activities For Adults (Save the earth)

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Earth day activity for adults is listed here. Earth day on 22nd April must be in mind of every people. The earth day not only for one day this day must be celebrated every day. The earth day is kind of event that gives us beneficial to live our lives on earth. The other events are always polluted our environment but this day is to clean our environment. To do this every person must do earth day activities on the earth day 2019. Here we have list of some earth day activity for adult’s boy or girls. The earth day activity for kids also we have posted on this website. These are any kind of activity that either related to your daily work or your specialty but that must environmentally benefit

Earth Day Activity For Adults

#1. Plant tree

This is a most valuable activity that only adults can do best.So plant a tree and give that a name.You enjoy tree plantation.The tree grow as you give that daily water or take care of that. Afterwards, you get the benefit of that. This earth day is activity is most beneficial for the environmental pollution reduction.The earth looks good with the tree everywhere.

earth_day 2018 images

earth_day 2018 images

#2. Save Petrol, Save Energy

On Earth Day, which is on 22nd April, you can save petrol and opt for such activities which consume lessor no petrol at all. You can commute to your destination simply by walking if it is walk able distance for you. Moreover, you can also go to your destination by riding a bike or share your cars and bikes by pooling them with your friends and neighbors. The lesser the cars on road, the environment is safer and pollution- free.

#3. Help those organizations who work for save the earth

You can make the most use of this day by lending a helping hand to those NGO or organizations who is working very hard to save earth and conserve our environment. You can give then your precious time to volunteer these organizations. Your effort can make Earth a healthy place to live and thus help the environment.  These are usually local activities and there is more work to be done.

#4. Say no to paper bills and say yes to digital bills

In fact, you can save millions of trees from cutting down by approving digital bills. If any shopkeeper offer you paper bills after you finish your purchases, then you must say no to such bills and instead opt for digital bills. You can tell them to send the bill and other invoices online at your mail ID.

#5. Education about protecting the environment

If you are aware of the knowledge about keeping your environment safe, then you must pass on this knowledge to others and educate them too. It could be your family, friends, neighborhood or at your workplace. Moreover, you can also organize a small event to explain things about to keep the environment safe and explain the remedies. This can make big difference in the long run.

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#6. Save water, and fix leakages

Water is an important element of life. The disappearance of water means end of Earth. There are many water pipes and taps around you which always have leakage problems. Here, daily drop by drop water flows away and cause lots of water loss. So, on this day you must take an initiative to fix all the leakages of all the tap and pipes and save many liters of water.

#7. Despise drinking bottled water


Plastic causes great harm to our environment and animals. If you bur plastic it will choke our environment and causes massive air pollution. On the other hand, if these plastics go the animal’s stomach it will choke them to death. If you stop using plastic bottled water it will save our environment and our animals. Moreover, there are also better alternatives to store water. Plastic causes only harm to the environment and it is also important to note that plastic cannot be destroyed.

#8. Create a mini oasis for birds and stray animals

There are many birds and animals around you looking out for water, On Earth Day you can fill tanks and bowls of water in your area so that the birds and animals can quench their thirst.

#9. Keep clean your nearby area

This is not only for the earth day but everyone should do this task every day. The earthday is wonderful day that you can do any cleaning task with your friends. The earth day must become clean day in your life. Collect plastics bottles, cans and other waste stuffs that you through anywhere.

recycling_posters_ for earth day

recycling_posters_ for earth day

#10. Aware other people to celebrate earth day

The earth day is not only for the particular community, religious or country.This day for all who live on earth.The earth day activity also included to aware those people who don’t know about this day.To aware people on the earth day you must join already made community of those peoples or you make your own friends circle group to aware people in your society.

You may use earth day posters to aware peoples in your society.The earth day is the day become special when you aware people to do some task and they work together on earth day.

Earth day Poster image

Earth day Poster image

These are few ways which can be adopted on daily basis to keep your environment and Earth safe. Not only during Earth Day, but every day you must follow these activities to keep you Earth safe and sound.

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