Best Short Earth Day Quotes

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Earth Day is a special day for those who are an ardent lover of Mother Earth and her creations. On this day, every nature lover celebrates Earth Day across many nations and other parts of the world. Every year, on 22nd April, Earth Day is celebrated and this year too, the forthcoming celebration of Earth Day 2018 will be celebrated and preparations are going on full swing. Since day by day people are getting more concerned about the safety of Earth and environment, the people participating in Earth Day tends to increase every year.

The Earth Day 2018 is only few days to go. So, on this special occasion, our website presents you with special and unique collections of short Earth Day Quotes. As we know that posters and banners will be published everywhere to inspire the people across the world. So, our quotes are created for your perfect banners and posters on Earth Day.

Earth day 2018 images with quotes

Earth day 2018 images with quotes

Best Short Earth Day Quotes

If we look at the Earth with a love of life, the Earth will reveal its beauty to us.

Even in a Earth with hate and evil, my heart will continue to grow.

A man was famous according as he had lifted up axes upon the thick trees.
— Bible
Take care of trees. They take care of you
Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty. » John Ruskin
We won’t have a society if we destroy the Earth Day
We don’t have to protect the Earth Day, the Second Coming is at hand

The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to Earth.

The Earth laughs in plants, trees, flowers and lively animals.

It is good that men cannot fly or walk in the sky, for they would have even polluted the sky too just like they did with the water and land.

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Service towards nature is the rent you pay to the Earth for living here.

It’s a long time since aliens visited our Earth, maybe they have stopped visiting our planet for they have seen that Earth is not having any sign of intelligent life.

It is time to realize that Earth also has the right to live pollution – free. We need to know that we humans cannot live without Earth, but Earth can live without humans/

The most powerful weapon on the Earth is the human soul on fire.

Try to make Earth a better place to live just like before the arrivals of humans.

Please save Earth from the two monsters named Global Warming and Pollution.

Never let your greed win over the green.

Go green and use eco-friendly products to eliminate Global Warming.

Save Environment, the Earth and Life will be automatically saved.

Save the Earth for future generations.

Greenery is good for eyesight, so maintain it within the surroundings.

Make every day, an Earth day.

The Earth has its own song and music for those who want to listen.

When we heal the Earth, we restore ourselves.

Let us not destroy God’s beautiful creation called “Earth”.

When are we going to realize the importance of water? After our rivers, lakes, and wells dry up?

 Taking care of Mother Earth is a confirmed ticket to heaven after you die.

Mother Earth is a living thing too….love, honor, respect and nurture her.

Let’s join our hands on this Earth Day to make Earth the best place for living and leaving our lives.

Good planets like Earth are hard to find. Don’t blow it up.

Love the Earth just like as you love yourself.

Adopt a tree on this Earth Day, and let it go free and long.

 Here are some of the best short Quotes perfect to go for Earth Day. You can use our quotes in many ways to show how you think about Earth Day, and also wants to know the world about the significance of Earth Day.
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