Best 50 Slogans On Save Earth

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The whole world celebrates Earth day on the 22nd  April promising and pledging to save their mother form the upcoming destruction. The question is that, why are we celebrate earth day on 22nd April, or in April only? Why do people forget that earth day is not about one day, but about saving our now and every day? People need to understand celebrating one day as earth day won’t save her, like an old mother she needs daily care, attention, and love of all of her creatures together.

Here are the slogans for your poster that you making for save earth movements. You can appoint a schoolboy for such task they have good experience of making posters.

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Best 50 Slogans on Saving the Earth

  1. If you can’t love your environment that has offered you your life, at least don’t take its life.
  2. Why one day earth day? Not everyday earth day?! And not your earth day but our earth day!
  3. Let’s unite and re-incarnate the earth for the better.
  4. Earth is our first home, keep it clean and green like your own home.
  5. Listen closely the earth is reciting the poetry of its pain and destruction.
  6. Save earth, save air, save trees in return they will save you.
  7. God gifted the humans a heaven named earth, but humans are adamant to turn it into an illuminating hell.
  8. The songs of the trees, land, birds, winds are singing are cries for help for the dying and decaying earth.
  9. The real monsters have vanished, but humans are taking their place by killing their own mother earth for personal profit.
  10. The mother earth selflessly provided everyone everything they needed, now when the mother earth needs them no one is even there to clean her flowing tears and hear her silent screams of help!
  11. Save Tree, Save Earth
  12. Send an email, Save a paper
  13. Save water, Save the earth
  14. Earth is the mother of Human Being
  15. Go Green, Save Earth
  16. Don’t Play with Nature
  17. Let’s save a tree to save the earth.
  18. Go Green, Ride Bicycle
  19. Don’t Make earth hell, Go Green.
  20. Social Movements for the earth.
  21. Together we can save the earth.
  22. Blessed are those who keep the earth clean.
  23. Let’s All Save our earth
  24. Save our Woods
  25. Save the rain forest.
  26. Water is life.
  27. Save our wetlands
  28. Save earth for a better place.
  29. Save Earth from today for tomorrow.
  30. Look at the Forest
  31. Sustainable Future, Renewable resources.
  32. Land For Life
  33. Our Soil is precious, what are you doing to save it.
  34. Save Air, Water, tree to save earth
  35. Nature return favor, let’s do the favor to earth.
  36. Start from home to city clean
  37. Save tree is not a task, it’s our duty.
  38. Do some work for wellness not money.
  39. Bless Future by saving tree today.
  40. Don’t angry SUN
  41. Who don’t love tree’s, never feel the fresh breath.
  42. Save electricity, Save life
  43. Save water, Save Paper, Save trees
  44. Better way to live life to live with nature.
  45. Nature is beautiful, don’t make it dirt.
  46. We are making human life dead by polluted air.
  47. Save earth to save human being.
  48. Save earth to be happy.
  49. How beautiful if everything is green.
  50. Everyday is earth day.
  51. Make every day is earth day.
  52. Spread the word- Earth is going dead.
  53. Spread the word- Save earth.
  54. How dare you to dirt earth.
  55. Pay off few hours of your life to save earth.
  56. Love Nature, Nature will love you.
  57. Being Human, Not so hard to cut tree.
  58. Forest is the only source to rain.
  59. Don’t cut tree, its like moving towrds hell.
  60. Earth is like heaven, don’t make it hell.
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